Property Advisory


The significant depth of our property-related skills and experience means we can provide our clients with the optimum results for all their projects. We offer advisory and implementation services and can assume active roles in long-term development projects.

Our available services include:


  • Advising on acquisitions and mergers, capital raising and takeovers across a range of sectors;
  • Undertaking property development across all sectors and property types including commercial, retail, industrial, hotel and residential;
  • Providing detailed property asset and portfolio reviews and analysing issues such as highest and best use, risk management and financial feasibility
  • Forming portfolio rationalisation strategies which may incorporate surplus asset disposal, asset redevelopment, development of alternate ownership vehicles (such as trusts or syndications) and innovative off balance sheet financing solutions; and
  • Providing strategic advice of the balance sheet implications of particular property strategies such as considering reinvestment hurdle rates of return.


Implementing strategies often involves the creation of a project funding structure that accommodates the various interests of all parties.



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